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Russell E. Ward grew up in Clifton, New Jersey. He moved to Orlando, Florida at the age of twenty-four.

Music Consultant / Copyist / Freelance Tuba

Education & Experience:

Russ Ward obtained his Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Tennessee in 1974. One year later he concluded his studies for a Master of Music degree from Northwestern University. He began his professional career with the Florida Symphony Orchestra and was the Principal Tuba Player for 17 years and the Symphony Librarian for four years. He continues to perform as a freelance player. Russ Ward was the co-founder of Express Music Services and has been a music copyist for over 20 years. His experience and expertise led to the conversion of his hand font into a computer font. His music font is called RussMusic and his alphabet font is called RussAlpha.

Professional Highlights:

Mr. Ward has worked on many notable projects and with some distinguished professionals and personalities. Through his copy work he has lent his talents to most Walt Disney World Parades and Stage Shows since 1978. He has worked on the ATAS Award Show, several Tokyo Disneyland Fireworks events, Disneyland Parisí Parades & Stage Shows and the Jubilee Show for Ballyís Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. The musicians Russ has copied for or performed with include: Doc Severinsen, Paul Mann, Henry Mancini Claudio Abbado, Erich Leinsdorf, Sir George Solti, Andrew Litton, Kenneth Jean, Arnold Jacobs, Bernard Haitink and Kathy Lee Gifford.

Personal Notes:

Russ likes to spend his time investing in securities and encouraging his sons in various sports activities. He feels his greatest achievement is having raised three healthy, well-balanced children and the fact that none of them has been arrested, yet! When Russell is not knee deep in his latest musical endeavor, he can be found playing the roles of little league umpire and amateur beer brewer.

No. Really?

Russ Ward was fortunate enough to substitute for "Jake" (Arnold Jacobs) for a recording of the Fifth Movement of Mahlerís Second Symphony with The Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Claudio Abbado with ONE HOUR NOTICE!

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