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Lee Monroe is the owner of Express Music Services, Inc.  He has been a fulltime copyist since 1982 and was strictly a hand copyist for the first 15.  You can check out his hand music font by following this link - LeeMusic.

To Upgrade or Not- Plus Finale 2002 Tips
Midi Transcriptions: A New Era for Music Copying
Getting the Right Look for Vocals!
Music Copying: Getting the Right Look!
Lee's Excellent Brazilian Adventure
A Different Approach to Finale Part Extraction
Lyrics & Finale
Music Copying & Finale Pt. 3- "Pasting Paradise"
Music Copying & Finale Pt. 2
Music Copying & Finale, Pt. 1
Live Performance, Studio Work, & Music Publishing
The Art of Music Copying
Practical Tips for Professional Music Copyists
What It Takes To Be A Professional Music Copyist
Making A Living As A Music Copyist
5 Finale Copy Tips

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