Roe Lewis

You will find this biography is a little different from everyone elseís. The reason is because my background and experience is unlike that of anyone else on the site. The fact is Iím NOT A Musician!

Editor and Marketing Manager

So, are you shocked, appalled, horrified? Yeah, well get over it. It seems that after writing the umpteenth biography on this composer and that copyist, I have been asked to write my own. (Ahah! Now you understand why this is written in first person.) Having said that, I will now try to cram my life into several short paragraphs.

The Planet my spaceship was from: (Prior to Crash Landing in Central Florida.)

The planet I hail from is known to you earthlings as Southern New Jersey (pronounced jer-zee). Those of you from that part of the galaxy know there is true a distinction between Northern and Southern New Jersey. Although I doubt you care.

I grew up about half way between Atlantic City and Philly. I eventually went to Atlantic Community College where I learned the finer points of running a college radio station and hosting a heavy metal show (note from owner: "see, she's no musician!). Incidentally, I earned enough credits to graduate with an Associate of Arts Degree in Literature, get published in ďRewritesĒ and make the Deanís List. Then I went to the planet known as Philadelphia. There I attended Temple University. I hung out on South Street for a few years, learned how to fight off muggers, how to make all you can eat night at Pizza _ _T really ALL YOU CAN EAT, and eventually got my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Radio/Television and Film.

Now What?

So, O.K. I finally graduated. Now what? Well there was nothing in my field in Jersey and Iíd had enough of the Pigeons and the ďHome Owning ImpairedĒ in Philly. Hey, what about Orlando, Florida? Iím sick of the cold and I could work for Walt Disney World. I even have some family connections. Great idea. (How naÔve!) Well, not so great. For starters none of my so called ďconnectionsĒ returned my calls. I got maybe a total of 3 negative responses to the 150 resumes I mailed out and all of my money was tied into an apartment. As for Disney, dream on. After six interviews I was told I wasnít Disney Material. (Just what the hell does that mean? No, Iím not bitter or anything and youíll soon find out why.) I took a couple of cheesy jobs working in a furniture store and for a sadist veterinarian in an animal hospital. That got old, so I started reading the classifieds.

Receptionist/Clerk wanted for Music Production Company:

Thatís what the ad read and I bit. Turned out this small company, Express Music Services, had just been awarded the contract to run the Walt Disney World Music Library. I competed with what I have been told was near 100 people for this clerk position and I got it! To make a short story long, my clerk position evolved into Office Manager. Then my boss had this brilliant idea. Lets start a web site.

So here I am with my many hats. It's a lot of work. Along with writing for the site and the newsletter and working on marketing strategies, Lee and I still maintain the Music Library and all of the music production that comes our way. Itís also a lot of fun watching our business evolve and working with such a talented and innovative group of people.

Personal Notes:

It is my goal in life to see this web site take off and to one day write the newsletter and content from my yacht, docked in the inner-coastal waterways. When Iím not at work or researching for work, I am chasing my son around or looking for something my husband has misplaced. When I do find time for hobbies, I like to read, write stories and poetry, toy with desk top publishing, do a little cross-stitching and if my friends ever fix their boats (hint, hint) I love boating. I donít know what my greatest professional achievement is quite yet, but having my name appear on this site with the words Editor and Marketing Manager next to them feels pretty darn good. My greatest personal achievements are my ten plus years relationship with my husband and the birth of our precious son.

You wanna know something strange huh?

OK well this isnít strange to normal people (i.e., people who are not professional musicians), but I love Heavy Metal! My only excuse is that I was a product of the 80ís. How could I possibly resist Guns Ní Roses Metallica, Def Leppard and of course Ozzy Osbourne.(No bat-head biting jokes please, let it go already.)

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